About Blue Stem CRM

Bluestem CRM is a company dedicated to providing high quality studies relating to archaeology, history, and culture resources.

We provide quality products on time and on budget for firms that needs cultural resource studies in applications such as environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, and cultural resource compliance in general.


  • Section 106 Compliance
  • Tribal coordination
  • Coordination with State Historic Preservation Officers and Federal  cultural resource agencies
  • Cultural resource reconnaissance studies
  • Preparation of culture resource management plans
  • Preparation of Memoranda of Agreement and Programmatic  Agreements
  • Construction monitoring
  • Preparation of scopes of work for culture resource Contracts
  • Culture resource contract monitoring
  • Archeological training
  • Prehistoric and historic artifact analysis
  • Mapping of archaeological sites with GPS device and DeLorme Topo mapping program
  • Data entry for archaeological sites with ArcView 3.2
  • Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Archeological excavation
  • Digital photography
  • Desktop publishing 







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